Godel Escher Bach Letter Cube

Created with Maya based on the Godel Escher Bach book cover. These were requested by Deb Roy to talk about research initiatives at the Media Lab. FPI stood for Facilitators, Partipants, Institutions. HTI was Human, Technology, Impact.
My initial attempt was for the founders of Cortico's initials as a test (Deb Roy, Russell Stevens, Eugene Yi). DER cube

FPI Cube - Facilitators, Participants, Institutions

FPI cube - No Letters
FPI cube - Only F visible
FPI cube - Only I visible
FPI cube - Only P visible
FPI cube - All letters visible

HTI Cube - Human, Technology, Impact

HTI cube - No Letters
HTI cube - Only H visible
HTI cube - Only T visible
HTI cube - Only I visible
HTI cube - All letters visible